Scrap the stress and organize.


Puzzle piece

Organizing scrapbook supplies can be a puzzle.

I like to scrapbook. Birthdays, holidays, friends, family—you name it. However, I have a dilemma.

I need to get organized.

Disorganized supplies

Crowded desk, no space to work

Not only are my supplies stuffed into a bag and some small, disorganized drawers, but also my desk is occupied with a printer, some miscellaneous papers I should sort through and a TV too large for the little time I have to watch it.

So where can I find the space to start scrapping? I can browse Facebook and write blog entries from the comfort of my bed, but glue sticks and glitter won’t blend well with my blankets.

I’m assuming some of you scrappers have the same problem. So here are a few of my organization tips, based on what has worked for me in the past and what I should be doing now.

First, take inventory.

Disorganized scrapbook supplies in drawers

Empty the boxes, bins and bags of your supplies, and determine what needs to go. I’ll admit I’m a scrapbook supply hoarder, but save yourself some money and avoid impulse Jo-Ann’s visits. Those cute flower stickers you can’t seem to leave alone will still be there when you really need them.

In her Jan. 21 post on the “Creating Keepsakes” blog, Amber Ellis suggests donating extra supplies to organizations in the community. For example, she recommends contacting local hospitals, daycares and schools to see if their programs accept donations.

It’s refreshing to either help someone out or simply clear out your space, but it’s nice to have an idea about the supplies you do have as well.

Next, organize.

I own a lot of cardstock, which ultimately turns into scraps. The accordion-style folder I use to organize my scraps by color is overflowing and refuses to snap closed. Some scraps end up shoved in between packs of scrapbook paper and forgotten.

Accordion-style folder with paper organized by color

As important as it is to organize your stickers, scissors and strings of ribbon, it’s just as essential to keep your paper collection organized. I keep plastic folders to separate patterned and solid papers, for example. For a while, the accordion folder worked well to separate colors.

I also suggest investing in some 12 x 12-inch shelves to store paper, if you have the space. However, folders protect the cardstock from moisture and dust.

Plastic folder with patterned paper

Then, make some space.

Luckily my roommates and I have an extra bedroom to store any extra boxes, furniture and unfinished puzzles. I have also delegated this space to scrapbook. A card table fits perfectly and provides me the room I need to spread out my materials and scrap.

No extra room? Clear the kitchen table or some counter space—find some inspiration outside your room. You may even consider spreading newspaper over a hardwood floor and crafting some pages from a different perspective, (literally).

Finally, get creative.

Scrapbooking is therapeutic for some people, including myself. Although there’s always something else productive to be doing, designate a couple hours each week to work on a page or a card or two.

Even if you don’t finish the project, at least you spent some quality time creating something, rather than trying to pretend your paper was writing itself as you scrolled through your news feed on Facebook (for the eighth time that day).



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5 responses to “Scrap the stress and organize.

  1. Kellie

    So I was reading your blog and saw you mentioned places to scrapbook. Have you heard of Archiver’s. Its an (expensive!) scrapbook store. I know there is one at Great Northern and maybe one else where but if you buy some paper from them (or something else I think) you can use their scrapbooking room and supplies. Just a thought inspired by yours.

  2. Buzbe The Man In The Box

    It is people like you who take the clutter of the world and organize it! I have finally met a woman who is more scrappier than I! What do you do in your spare time, organize car salvage yards? LOL!!! There is always a place in my heart for scrapartisians (Yes, we could become a political movement!!) and their ‘craftastic’ ways! So hang in there, scrapping is as Americana as Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet!! My Mom always told me “If you can’t be handsome…BE HANDY!!”

  3. Love this post!!! I did a similar one on figuring out your style by collecting scraps. But now I have so many of them I have no where to put it all! I love the idea of the folders! That’s a great way to keep every piece of paper that you CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT and not have it spread all over the room.

    • Thanks! I’ll have to check out your post, too! The folders definitely help keep everything straight, although sometimes it’s overwhelming to look through everything.

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