Create some meaning with handmade cards.

Christmas cards, 2009

Handmade = more meaning, dedication and love.

Yesterday afternoon, I had intended on browsing through Off the Wagon in Downtown Kent to find my brother a birthday present, but that shop was closed. However, I stumbled upon Silver and Scents, a relatively new shop along Acorn Alley, and decided to take a peek inside.

Although the jewelry displays in the front didn’t look too promising for finding something a 17-year-old boy would like, I noticed some knitted items toward the back and inched into the store.

The friendly woman at the counter greeted me and noticed I was looking through the handmade hats and gloves. She explained that each item was knitted with alpaca wool. Some came from Peru.

I then realized how special handmade items can be. They have stories. They have meaning.

I have created handmade cards for years, and although family members and friends have always shown much appreciation, I never contemplated the true meaning of my creations. Handmade cards, orange and pink

Interested in making your own handmade cards? Valentine’s Day is coming up soon. Instead of buying those cheesy, cartoonish cards in a boxed set from the store, why not make your own?

Some tips to help you get started:

  1. Think about only a few people who you would like to receive your handmade cards. Don’t get carried away with big projects at first (i.e. mid-December when I’m scrambling to finish up 50+ Christmas cards for friends, family and co-workers).
  2. If you already enjoy scrapbooking, don’t be intimidated by the small amount of space you have to work with. Cards can use the same techniques as scrapbook pages, just on a smaller scale. Claire Selby, of, layered patterned papers of several textures on the handmade Valentines she created for soldiers.
  3. Cards can be simple. Try thumb printing pink hearts onto a small, blank card.
  4. Be sure that designing handmade cards is something you enjoy. In other words, put your heart and soul into your work.
  5. Need step-by-step directions? Try Vicki Churchill’s cute birthday card design.

Christmas cards, 2009What you can make of this hobby:

People I know look forward to receiving my cards. I’ll admit I’m a procrastinator, even when it comes to a special hobby I enjoy. But no matter the hurry or worry about completing my cards, I always receive positive feedback in return.

Even my brother Matt ventured into the hobby and made cards for our relatives when he was younger. But when he finally realized his lack of creativity began to shine through, he moved onto sports. I can make a much more visually-appealing card than Matt, but he can make a basket, hit a home run and tackle me to the ground.

So in other words, I encourage you to try new things, but don’t neglect the hobbies you know and love.

Alpaca wool glittens

Happy Birthday, Matthew.


After chatting with the interesting woman from Silver and Scents for a bit, I decided to buy my brother some alpaca wool glittens. I think they’re a unique gift, do you?

We’ll see what he says about the glittens (and the handmade card, of course) later today. But what is your favorite handmade gift you have received? What are some interesting handmade gifts you made for other people?



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11 responses to “Create some meaning with handmade cards.

  1. rachel

    I always loved your handmade Christmas cards 🙂

  2. Debbie Rudy-Lack

    Great blog, Lindsay! I too am a card maker and occassional scrapbooker…..for me there’s someting about working with paper, and of course all of the tools that come with it, that satisfies my need to be creative. I look forward to reading your blog over the coming months.

  3. KT

    Your homemade cards are the bomb! I’m a cardboard gal myself:) The best homemade gift I’ve received came from Becky. She took square cork boards and covered them in fabric and ribbon so I can slide pictures in!

  4. Thanks for the link to my blog. 🙂 I love handmade everything and if you can put something personal into it, even better!

  5. Melissa Hudson

    I love that you make your own cards! I do believe that everything seems more valuable when it is done by hand. Who honestly wants to say their gift was made by a machine or is one of a million copies? When shopping, I love to go antiquing because most of the objects are handmade or at least somewhat one of a kind. I believe you creating cards for family and friends is a much better way of showing your love.

    Unfortunately, I never really have the money or time to scrapbook or make cards, though I do love to make my own wrapping paper during the holidays. I hate buying the average santa wrapping paper with the occasional snowman. My dad is a printer, so during each holiday he gives me some glossy paper and I have near a hundred colored sharpie markers…so I make my own designs(usually something relating to the person)

    I would have to say the best hand-made gift i have received was a sculpted mini grandfather clock from my uncle. He gets a chunk of wood, hollows it out, puts a clock inside it and makes the grandfather clock look like a tree. It is very pretty.

    I really love what you’re doing with your talents! Hope it gets you to your dream job of owning your store!

    • That’s great that you design your own wrapping paper! Do you design wrapping paper for birthdays, too? I’ve never heard of that idea before–it’s very unique! I also have trouble finding the time to scrapbook, which is why I’m looking forward to the summer! Let me know if you ever want some more tips about scrapbooking and getting started!

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