The scrap-abilities are endless.

Photos from my study abroad experienceI love to scrapbook. But sometimes it’s overwhelming to think about all the possibilities I have to create something with photos, cardstock, ribbons, buttons, stickers, stamps and even funky scissors.

So where to begin?

I’ve only completed maybe three full albums and a few mini albums, but the little time I have to scrapbook isn’t the main problem for my lack of productivity. I also have trouble with knowing where to start. My photos are mostly organized, whether digitally or in boxes at home, but do I scrapbook photos from my childhood or focus on ones of my friends from the last few years?

If you’re also having trouble getting started, it’s easier to scrap recent photos first. Since you most likely remember these photos being taken or taking them yourself, the events are fresh in your mind. This will motivate you to start scrapping projects and possibly begin layouts with older photos later.

Try scrapbooking photos from events that relate to your present life and surroundings. Create a page about your first Christmas in December or scrapbook prom pictures in the spring. Your surroundings may trigger memories from the past and help you complete better album

As I mentioned in my first post, it’s easier to scrapbook if your photos are organized first. I like to organize photos by subject (Christmas, birthdays, school events, etc.), but you may also organize photos by date. Use a system that works best for you.

Do you have old photos of your parents’ or grandparents’ childhoods you would like to preserve in a scrapbook? Heritage scrapbooking is a fun and interesting way to learn more about your relatives’ pasts. These layouts tend to be simpler since the photos are delicate and you don’t share the memories to fill in many of the blanks.

If you’re still overwhelmed, mini albums are easy to complete quickly and may use many good photos from one event, such as vacation. These albums make great gifts for graduates, Mother’s and Father’s Days and friends. Check out some examples on the Write. Click. Scrapbook. website.

Examples of mini albums I’ve created:

"Best of times" mini album from my aunt

  • I created a mini album for an independent reading assignment during high school.
  • I made mini albums with photos of me through my senior year in high school for my parents’ Christmas gifts that year.
  • I collected a lot of memorabilia throughout grade school and finally combined everything into one scrapbook after graduation. I kept everything from school event programs and ticket stubs to locker stickers, awards and notes from friends. Photos aren’t the only items to scrapbook.

Are you a traveler? Debbie Hodge’s website has ideas for collecting memorabilia and including it on your pages.

"1,000 Places To See Before You Die"My upcoming projects include a scrapbook of letters to my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary this year. My cousin and I will collect the letters from family members and compile them in one book. Thank you, Aunt Lynn, for this great idea!

What do you scrapbook most often? Which photos do you enjoy scrapbooking more than others?



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2 responses to “The scrap-abilities are endless.

  1. heather

    Hey lindsay! I saw your blog on your facebook page, and I was slightly pumped since I’m currently compiling a scrapbook for my boyfriend! We’ve been together almost 4 years and travelled a lot so I’m struggling to get all my pictures and stuff organized. Ill keep checking back on your blog as I tackle this project, awesome topic!


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