Simple treasures

Birthday card with sunflower stamp, yellow card stockThe other day I found yet even more card stock I didn’t remember bringing to Kent. This was the perfect discovery since I had just decided to make the time to actually scrapbook a page.

I almost forgot how rewarding it is to finish a layout. I love cropping the photos, mounting them on patterned paper and colored card stock and then adding embellishments.

I particularly enjoy looking through my supplies, coordinating items for my page and sifting through buried ribbons and stickers I’ve forgotten. It’s great to find a new, old treasure.

What’s your favorite scrapbooking find? Which treasures have you found at the store or within your own supplies?

Of course I allotted some time to make some cards this week as well; also rewarding, but more in the sense I’ve finished them a few weeks before Father’s Day rather than a few days before.

Check out the “My Work” page to see photos of cards I’ve created recently.


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