View from a lounge chair at the pool, Chaparral Suites, Scottsdale, Ariz.Two of my favorite activities took place at the Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale, Ariz., last weekend: scrapbooking and PRSSA.

Although it was tempting to sneak into the Creative Memories scrapbooking retreat and scrap the weekend away, I did have a great time at the PRSSA Leadership Rally, the reason behind my weekend-long travels out West.

I had never traveled west of Chicago before, let alone traveled by myself, so the experience was new to me in many ways. It was refreshing to communicate with new faces from all over the country. I met some great people who not only have a passion for public relations but also for effective leadership.

As scrapbookers occasionally need to collaborate to share ideas and layouts, leaders need to discuss their concerns, as well as brainstorm effective tactics to communicate. Sharing ideas and PRSSA experiences was one of the most beneficial aspects of the PRSSA Leadership Rally. Hopefully these ideas help to influence an organized plan or “layout” for PRSSA Kent‘s 2011-2012 academic year. With some new friends I met at the PRSSA Leadership Rally, June 10 - 12

Some highlights I found interesting and/or useful include:

  • Sometimes it’s important to courageously follow others to show your peers how to follow.
  • You must have a hunger to succeed in public relations. Out of this year’s two million college graduates, 85 percent will return home.
  • “Always remember your audience. Everything else changes on a daily basis.” Kristen Jarnagin
  • “Everything you do communicates.” Kristen Jarnagin
  • If you are denied a job position, respond anyway. You might get feedback from the employer, you may not.
  • Other PRSSA members, such as two of my suite mates, like to scrapbook, too!
  • The 2011 PRSSA National Conference registration deadline is Sept. 12. Who is excited for Orlando?!

View from the balcony outside our suite.I look forward to working with other PRSSA Kent executive board members this year to continue improving our chapter and its initiatives. The people I met last weekend gave me relevant advice and ideas, as well as some familiar faces to look forward to at PRSSA National Conference in October.

Meanwhile, I might be researching future scrapbooking retreats and planning another trip out West. The weather was gorgeous!


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