Something to laugh about

Grandma and Grandpa, June 2011

Grandma "yelling" at Grandpa, trying to convince him to smile for the photo. He wasn't buying it.

Scrapbooking aside, it’s been entertaining to collect and sift through letters, photos and more for my grandparents’ scrapbook.

Sometimes I forget what I should be doing as I sit and look through several envelopes of photos from my relatives. Scrapbooking often becomes second priority as I reminisce about memories with my family. And I’m usually laughing as I take a trip down memory lane.

Whether it’s the outfits, the haircuts or the facial expressions (specifically my grandpa’s: see photo), I get distracted by the hilarity of the photos. I can’t help but laugh and take yet even more time to decide which photos to use.

The extra time is worth it, though, and the humor often motivates me to scrapbook more pages at once.

What are your favorite photos to look through as you scrapbook? Family? Friends? Holidays? Random photos? If you have an example of a funny photo of a family member, please share!


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