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Jack o' Lantern

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloweekend, and although celebrating holidays early is one of my biggest pet peeves, I’m thinking ahead to Christmas time.

I made another trip to Ravenna’s Scrap n Stamp Haven on Friday to use a gift card I received for my birthday. Although I passed by countless adorable embellishments, I impressed myself and resisted the urge to spend even more money on more random supplies I don’t necessarily need. So instead, I invested in some stamps for my Christmas cards.

After reading a few posts from other card makers in a scrapbooking LinkedIn group, I’ve decided to keep it simple this year. Some women make more than 100 Christmas cards each year–and I thought 50 or 60 was a lot! But those women generally use one design. I’m used to somewhat customizing my cards to the people who will be receiving them, but that is a lot of work. And the semester isn’t getting any easier!

So I plan to decide on one, maybe two, Christmas card designs and create an assembly line to put together each portion of the card. I’ll incorporate the stamps and green ink I bought in Ravenna the other day, but I’ll have to decide on papers, embellishments and layout some other day.

I’m excited to begin my cards, one of these days! It’s a little early, but I look forward to the Christmas season. Have you started your Christmas cards yet?

In the mean time, have a Happy Halloween!


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What handmade means to you

I made my first “In Sympathy” card this weekend for a family friend whose father passed away last week. Although I think handmade cards always mean more than store bought cards, I felt more caring and generous as I made the “In Sympathy” card. The

Has anyone else ever felt the same way while making cards for several different purposes?

I’m curious about others’ approaches to card making. Like scrapbooks, handmade cards have special meanings to those who make and receive them. The creators don’t spend all that time crafting each detail for nothing.

I find myself thinking about a birthday celebration with the person to receive the birthday card I’m creating as I find papers, embellishments and other materials to use for the card. What is that person like? What are his or her favorite colors? How would he or she celebrate a birthday? Christmas? What does he or she find most comforting?

The same goes for holiday cards. Lately I’ve tried to use similar designs for many cards to avoid the stress of creating one-of-a-kind cards; however, I often think about who will receive each individual card and its design/color scheme/message beforehand.

Think about the moment the recipient opens your card as well. Would he or she rather receive a funny store bought card or a cute, sentimental handmade card? How do you feel when you receive a birthday or holiday card? Does it depend on who gives you the card and for which purpose?

Another question: Do you make cards for specific people based on their interests and personalities? Or do you make mass quantities of cards and pick from the stock pile when your friends’ and family members’ birthdays come along?

I’m constantly thinking about ways to improve my card making approach, so any and all suggestions are welcome!

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