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Ready, set, Christmas

There’s something slightly frustrating about hearing Christmas music in Wal-Mart weeks before Thanksgiving, and although (too) early holiday cheer is one of my biggest pet peeves, like I’ve mentioned before, it does have one positive effect on me: the holiday atmosphere motivates me to get started on my Christmas cards.

As always, there are a few things in my way before I can even start thinking about doing that. (Also reasons why I haven’t posted in a few weeks.) I generally run into some intense procrastination each December when I start planning my Christmas cards. This year, I think I’ll end up making more than I’ve ever created in one season, if successful, but first I have a busy few weeks ahead of me! Between Thanksgiving plans with the family, PR Campaigns and other last-minute class assignments, I’ll have little time to eat, sleep and think straight, let alone make my cards.

Until then, I can simply dream about the comfort of cranking up the Christmas tunes, stirring up some hot chocolate and cropping the colorful cardstock I bought at Hollo’s PaperCraft store a few weeks ago. (The bag of supplies I bought there has been teasing me ever since.)

How do you balance your holiday schedules with Christmas card creations?




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