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Digital scrapbooking – on Facebook

Got timeline? If not, and you would like to have it now, go to timeline

So Zuckerberg has initiated yet another new change to Facebook. Out of curiosity, I made mine about two weeks ago. It might be an (annoying) adjustment for those who have tried it so far. But whether you love it or you hate it, everyone will have to adjust eventually, just as we did for all other Facebook updates in the last six or seven years. Like this: Facebook Like button

I’ve poked around my timeline for a few days now and I can’t say I hate it. The new features won’t encourage me to delete my profile. But I also don’t see myself utilizing the timeline’s full potential to detail every last status update, photo tag, page “like” and location. I don’t think it’s necessary to delete any past comments or photos, either.

As a scrapbooker, I think it’s important to record my favorite memories. But I don’t track every single activity of my everyday life. Real life and online activity can be very different—trivial Facebook statuses, comments and more are now resurfacing from Facebook timelines—and in theory, they will always be there. But my scrapbooks simply feature birthday celebrations, family holiday gatherings and maybe the occasional collage of random photos with my friends. The pick and choose option does not necessarily apply to the timeline – it tracks all of your Facebook activity, in theory, from the moment you were “born.”Born on Facebook

Although I’m a traditional scrapbooker (for now, at least), I think the Facebook timeline has its advantages in terms of encompassing each Facebook user’s persona and mirroring the purpose of scrapbooks. I enjoy the timeline’s multimedia aspect—photos, travels, likes, music and more are all listed on one page. The banner image is a great new feature as well—I’ve seen friends get creative with the photos they choose to display.

We’re about to enter a New Year, and technology will continue to grow. But so will the possibilities to share memories with others.

Facebook places and locationsFacebook friends: We’re all historians now. You might choose to delete those silly photos from senior year Prom. Perhaps you’ll spend many hours over break specifying the location where you took each of your photos. Maybe you’ll choose photos to represent each “life event,” too.

As you know, Facebook is all about sharing—sharing your personal information with others online. The timeline feature has demonstrated just how frequently and easily we can interact with others online.

But no matter the changes Zuckerberg will continue to make, it’s still your profile. So you choose how you project your online memories to the social media world.


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So this is Christmas

With more than a week to spare before Dec. 25, I finished all 80 of my Christmas cards that needed to be done. I’ll call that my personal best. It’s amazing what two simple designs, some (legitimate) free time and Henry Ford’s assembly line technique can accomplish.

Merry Christmas!

Tree stamp Christmas card

Tree stamp

Santa stamp Christmas Card

Santa stamp


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