What’s your Pinterest?

Have your friends “pinned you” into joining Pinterest yet?

Facebook’s recent timeline addition shares online memories and events in an organized manner, similar to the traditional hobby or scrapbooking. However, I’ve realized that Pinterest, the latest virtual pinboard to attract numerous social media users in recent months, could be more of an inspiration to scrapbookers and designers who need ideas for layouts, color combinations, quotes and more.

My friend Ashley, a visual communication student, says she uses the site to find unique ideas for her projects.

And now that I’ve scrolled through my Pinterest page a few times, I’ve not only realized that the site is a major time suck (something I’ve conveniently discovered one week into my last semester of college), but also that Pinterest can assist us in a variety of tasks. The Pinterest team provides some examples on the about page of the site:

Pinterest about page

It’s easy to share links on Facebook and Twitter, but if you want to find several unique links, ideas and inspiration all in one place, Pinterest is the place to be.

The amount of content is overwhelming, and like I’ve said, I could spend quite a lot of time scrolling through my page and my friends’ pins, “researching” new recipes I might try, chic outfits I can’t afford and beautiful apartment furnishings and decorations I can only dream of acquiring, for now.

And what’s not to like about the adorable puppy and kitten photos and clever quotes that often appear on pins and repins?

I have yet to fully embrace Pinterest and the site’s capabilities in terms of sharing useful, yet interesting, content, but the concept has made me realize how easy it is to find inspiration for just about anything. Scrapbooking is not an exception.

Pinterest makes sharing easy–and more fun–because your friends can help you out. They might encounter a vibrant photo of a quirky wall decoration that might inspire you to find something similar for your remodeled living room. (But you’ll be sure to first repin the link, of course.) Friends tend to have similar interests, so be sure to follow their pinboards to find inspirational images you might be able to use yourself.

Happy pinning!


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