Laughter: It’s the best medicine.

For those who know me, I laugh at most things. Most things that are even remotely funny (go to 2:31 of the video to see an example of something I would do in a serious, a.k.a. not funny, situation). For this reason, I generally get along with most people (especially those up-and-coming comedians needing a simple ego boost), and I’m usually in a good mood.

But when I need a pick-me-up, I turn to America’s Funniest Home Videos because it turns out, watching people wipe out and cats who leap off furniture straight into a wall is actually really funny. I also rely on my roommate to tell me some ridiculous story about how the strong winds blew her straight into some macho guy on campus that afternoon, or something of the like.

However, when it’s not convenient to use the remedies above, I know I can count on some of my photos for a good laugh.

I’m headed to my second Archiver’s crop (Scrap Mania) on Friday, so this week I’ll begin the process of collecting photos, memorabilia, supplies and more to complete a few pages for two graduation gifts I’ll be working on in the coming months. I delved into my external hard drive the other day to find some oldies (but goodies) to print for my pages, and below are a few that crack me up every time.

What kinds of photos do you enjoy scrapbooking the most? Funny? Sentimental? Family portraits? Random, everyday routines? Share your favorite ideas for pages!

Dad putting on his life jacket

Believe it or not, my dad is trying to put on his life jacket before our canoeing trip on the Delaware River. He sucked it in and was successful.

Jersey Shore

Fast forward to our lunch break: Here's my dad, brother Matt and cousin Jason pretending to be "Jersey Shore"'s guidos, on the Jersey shore.

Stones, cat in water bottle packaging

Stones, one of the most recent additions to my immediate family, when he decided to cram himself into a plastic bag full of water bottles.

Matt sleeping

Caught him.

Matt and I pretending to be jungle explorers

Before my step-brother's wedding at the Hideaway Inn, Matt and I had a great time exploring our family's room/suite, which happened to have a safari theme.


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