Home sweet home

Stones, crazy cat eyes

He's always so playful. These eyes look like he's about to attack!

Between classes, homework and job hunting, I’ve experienced quite a few long days lately. But after I spent almost a full weekend at home, catching up with old friends, watching old live concerts on TV with my dad and, of course, enjoying my “cat fix,” I realized how comforting and refreshing home can be.

While I sat in front of the fireplace in the living room, sorting through old photos for my graduation gift projects, Stones and Delilah were either sleeping or snooping nearby. I had a lot of photos to sort through, which naturally takes a lot of time once I begin reminiscing and getting up to show my dad particularly funny pictures. (My favorite funny photo in this particular batch was my then two-year-old brother looking angry/frustrated that he couldn’t find any Easter eggs during a family egg hunt in our basement. I think this is the same anger he often exudes toward me now.)

So as I spent hours warming up in front of the fire, I spent many hours with the cats, observing their odd behavior.

1. The Hunters: Hiding behind pillows on the floor, pouncing and tackling each other

2. The Attention-Deprived: Delilah (annoyingly) meowing a fraction of a second after I stopped petting her

3. The Crazy: Stones racing up the stairs into the dining room and kitchen area as soon as he heard the kitchen door handle rattle (I occasionally heard him slip and slide on the hardwood floor and slam into the wall.)

While I observed them, I snapped a few photos. Stones is clearly more photogenic, but I love Delilah because she has a pretty color and I must admit her annoying mewing is cute. For the sake of not being labeled as a “Crazy Cat Lady” by certain family members and friends on Facebook, I posted a few of my favorites here:


He's too fat to fit on the piano, but he sits on it anyway.

Stones on cat perch

They ripped a hole on the top, but that doesn't stop Stones from sitting on this either.


She is pretty. And pretty annoying, at times.


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