The Everyday Scraps

Every day matters. 

The students who entered Chardon High School on Monday morning most likely didn’t expect the shock, terror, mourning and loss they’d feel within minutes of walking onto the campus. They probably didn’t expect that an otherwise normal day might affect the rest of their lives.

Because I’ve never experienced a school shooting any closer to home than Chardon, I can only imagine how it would feel to experience one. I do not know any students who attend Chardon High School, but I know people whose children do. Whether you approach the event with the perspective of the high school students, their parents, or even the shooter’s family, it’s hard to avoid such an overwhelming feeling of uneasiness.

I don’t know how I would react if my friend, sibling or cousin was laughing with me over lunch one day and then shot and killed the next. It makes me sick that some people do experience such awful tragedies. But in light of finding even a mere positive out of negativity, violence and hate, the rest of us can learn from this situation.

Take advantage

No matter how big or small, take advantage of the good things in your life, each and every day. These everyday, routine and seemingly normal scraps of life do matter – you never know when to expect your last opportunity to take it all in. So cherish the things that make you happy. Acknowledge them, document them and finally, appreciate them.

I can’t think of a better way to cherish, acknowledge, document, appreciate and of course, remember, the things that matter most in life: scrapbook them.

Don’t be ashamed of even the silly and simple things you love so much. Love coffee? Dedicate a page to your caffeine addiction and include a coffee sleeve from your favorite java joint. Do you run a lot? Write about your passion for fitness and paste your ramblings on a page with a photo of the running shoes that support your feet through every step. Scrapbook your pets, your friends, your favorite Pinterest pins: You name it, there’s a place for it in your scrapbooks and, naturally, in your heart.

My thoughts are with the families of Chardon High School students and community members this week. I wish them well as they grieve the loved ones they lost too quickly and rejoice in the miracles that helped other victims survive.



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