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Spring break was (surprisingly) gorgeous. And I didn’t have to visit a beach or an island to enjoy it.

Instead, I walked the Portage Hike and Bike Trail a few times after work to catch some warm rays before the sunset. I felt the insects buzzing about. I could smell the blooming trees from several yards away.

To take a break from the computer screen, I took my lunch to downtown Kent one afternoon for a change in scenery. I saw bright, red tulips in the flower beds near the bench where I was sitting. I noticed that even the Northeast Ohio cherry blossoms were nearly at their peak. And despite the noisy trucks passing by me every 10 seconds, I was at peace.

So naturally, when I took a trip toward the east coast to visit some friends in the Washington, D.C., area this weekend, I looked forward to seeing the famous 100-year-old cherry blossoms in person. I imagined absorbing the bright rays of sunshine in the crisp, cool air as my friends and I would walk along the water on our way to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. I imagined us enjoying every step, every blossom along the way.

Too good to be true?

What really happened: Saturday – the only day we had time to visit the blossoms – it rained. It sprinkled, then poured. But I was determined to see the blossoms while we were there, regardless of their steadily declining appearance. Enjoy the few shots I captured of the District’s now sparse, saturated cherry blossoms:

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‘Tis spring. As a Northeast Ohio native, I should know better than to expect anything spectacular weather-wise. But here’s to a final fulfilling, fantastic and FUN five weeks of college.


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She’s a (scrappin’) maniac

scrapbook stackFor such a relaxing weekend, I feel accomplished. The books are getting thicker.

I attended yet another Friday afternoon/evening crop at Archiver’s in Fairlawn with Chantel, where the two of us completed quite a few pages for our books. Since I’m determined to finish two impressive scrapbooks by the beginning of June, each detailing bits and pieces of the entirety of two 18-year-olds’ lives, I figured I have no time to waste now. Although I think the Chik-fil-A and Menchie’s breaks increased my productivity as the night wore on.

I was thankful to have a peaceful, quiet weekend at home as well. Accompanied by bags of unnecessary clothing I packed but never wore, as well as my computer and the school books I didn’t open, the necessary scrapping supplies traveled home with me. Everything I needed was there, so I set to work on a few extra pages when I could.

patterned paperI completed several pages for a few family vacations we took years ago. These layouts, which often take more time to organize and reminisce, feature several photos on one page. I had trouble omitting some photos but then realized I could possibly use them when I (possibly) have the opportunity to finally scrapbook my own memories someday.

For now, I look forward to the moment of organizing all of my completed pages into two (very heavy) books. Although I expect to experience some extreme tension and anger when I attempt to shove every last page into the binding and tighten the screws (who knows what I’m talking about?), I anticipate yet another more meaningful feeling of accomplishment when I can finally flip through the pages, knowing they’re complete, and admire my own hard work.flipping through photos

And then I’ll give them away. (Again, who knows what I’m talking about?)

Which leads me to a question for you: Who has scanned scrapbook pages for personal records and/or printouts? Which services do you use and what is the average cost per book? I’m just curious in case I decide I can’t part with these layouts for good!

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Geometry + pattern = inspiration?

Kitchen tiles with geometric patternI’m not much of a math person, so I try to avoid numbers, formulas and theories at all costs. It’s a good thing scrapbooking doesn’t involve much of that, right?

But it turns out a little bit of geometry may work itself into your layouts this season. Geometric patterns are in.

We’re surrounded by patterns each time we walk outside, when we pass through the kitchen, the bathroom and living room, and every time we pass by the clothing racks at retail stores, especially this spring. Buildings, tiles, counter tops, shirts, skirts, clutches and more display the geometric patterns that may inspire us to create beautiful scrapbook pages and even handmade cards. Skyscraper with clouds

So take a good look around. Find some refreshing new sources of inspiration and incorporate these ideas into your layouts. Try something different, even if angles, proofs and polygons haunted you in grade school.

I look forward to working with some new patterns in my layouts, too. Let me know your thoughts on the geometric pattern trend, and happy scrapping!

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