Geometry + pattern = inspiration?

Kitchen tiles with geometric patternI’m not much of a math person, so I try to avoid numbers, formulas and theories at all costs. It’s a good thing scrapbooking doesn’t involve much of that, right?

But it turns out a little bit of geometry may work itself into your layouts this season. Geometric patterns are in.

We’re surrounded by patterns each time we walk outside, when we pass through the kitchen, the bathroom and living room, and every time we pass by the clothing racks at retail stores, especially this spring. Buildings, tiles, counter tops, shirts, skirts, clutches and more display the geometric patterns that may inspire us to create beautiful scrapbook pages and even handmade cards. Skyscraper with clouds

So take a good look around. Find some refreshing new sources of inspiration and incorporate these ideas into your layouts. Try something different, even if angles, proofs and polygons haunted you in grade school.

I look forward to working with some new patterns in my layouts, too. Let me know your thoughts on the geometric pattern trend, and happy scrapping!


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