Spring break was (surprisingly) gorgeous. And I didn’t have to visit a beach or an island to enjoy it.

Instead, I walked the Portage Hike and Bike Trail a few times after work to catch some warm rays before the sunset. I felt the insects buzzing about. I could smell the blooming trees from several yards away.

To take a break from the computer screen, I took my lunch to downtown Kent one afternoon for a change in scenery. I saw bright, red tulips in the flower beds near the bench where I was sitting. I noticed that even the Northeast Ohio cherry blossoms were nearly at their peak. And despite the noisy trucks passing by me every 10 seconds, I was at peace.

So naturally, when I took a trip toward the east coast to visit some friends in the Washington, D.C., area this weekend, I looked forward to seeing the famous 100-year-old cherry blossoms in person. I imagined absorbing the bright rays of sunshine in the crisp, cool air as my friends and I would walk along the water on our way to the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. I imagined us enjoying every step, every blossom along the way.

Too good to be true?

What really happened: Saturday – the only day we had time to visit the blossoms – it rained. It sprinkled, then poured. But I was determined to see the blossoms while we were there, regardless of their steadily declining appearance. Enjoy the few shots I captured of the District’s now sparse, saturated cherry blossoms:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

‘Tis spring. As a Northeast Ohio native, I should know better than to expect anything spectacular weather-wise. But here’s to a final fulfilling, fantastic and FUN five weeks of college.


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