20120826-170654.jpg A lot can change within a matter of a few months.

A new apartment, a new room. New office space at work. Different schedules, different routines. A change of pace.

I’ll admit it takes me a bit to adjust to changes in life, whether they’re everyday or long-term. But I enjoyed the changes my life experienced this summer – it’s just too bad it went by very fast.

I’ve been settled into my new place for a few weeks now and I’ve been attempting to try new things to change things up a bit. (Change can be fun, too!) I have found new ways to organize my obscene number of possessions and “stuff.” I bought a filing cabinet to store files instead of using random plastic folders. I bought a shoe rack. I bought new sheets. I shop at a different grocery store. And with that, I’ve tried new recipes.

Of course, I must not forget to mention my appreciation for Pinterest, because many of the above ideas and countless others I may have or have yet to attempt can be found among my pin boards there.


In terms of the new foods I’ve dabbled into, I’ve realized two things: 1. Grocery shopping can be fun if you have fun recipes to try; and 2. Grocery shopping can be expensive if you have fun recipes to try. However, cooking is something I’ve always wanted to have more time to do, and now that I have that extra time (and a full-time job) I figure why not experiment a bit? It feels good to be healthy but also satisfied with tasty meals.

Yep, more pinning will occur in my future.

Now I’m just eager for fall to greet us with cooler temperatures, crisp apples (and apple-related recipes), plump pumpkins, weddings, birthdays, gorgeous trails for hiking – and fun.

As I continue to adjust to this new routine, I will try my best to make time for more blogging as well
because that is something I enjoy as well! I want to write more content, including updates on my scrapbooking projects and other “pinteresting” ideas I run into. Tomorrow’s crockpot fajitas are already calling my name…


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