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New handmade cards

Last night I completed quite a few cards, including some on which I tested a new technique I found on Pinterest:

Water colors over white crayon
Although I used markers instead of water color paints, I love how this turned out. I tested it out on a few “just because” cards I made for some long-distance friends, and although the technique could use a bit more perfecting, I think it’s a keeper!

I also completed a few card sets I’d like to post on my Etsy page soon:


Perhaps these card sets will make good thank you notes?


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Monday motivation

20121022-124036.jpg I could see the checkered flag waving in the short distance, the finish line just a few paces beyond it.

My stomach had began cramping just a few moments ago, as I entered the final leg of the race. By that point I had established a very slow, yet steady pace – an old lady shuffle, if you will – but I had not stopped running at any point along those 3.2 miles behind me. That was my one goal.

So although I felt like I could pass out, throw up and/or collapse all at once, I kept chugging along until the end. I thought to myself, “Why stop now?” as I remembered past moments of more extreme pain while I trained myself to run longer and longer distances. Modern English’s “I Melt With You” serenaded me as I crossed the finish line to greet my mom waiting on the other side.

All that time I spent searching through my iTunes to perfect my running playlist have apparently paid off.

That mindset was the motivation I had been building up all these months. And it’s a similar feeling of motivation when I work on my cards, scrapbooks and other creations for fun, for gifts or for profit. Just keep going, enjoy it, and you’ll benefit in the end.

So, here’s to a week of productivity.

What motivates you to start working on any given project? And what keeps you going?

PHOTO: My expression of relief as I crossed the finish line at the end of my first 5K race in Akron, Ohio, on Saturday, Oct. 20. (2nd annual Race Around the Park, to benefit the Knights of Columbus; Schneider Park, Akron)

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Envelope design


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October 21, 2012 · 10:37 am


20121017-124627.jpgToday is a good day.

Outside, it feels like gorgeous fall weather. Not too hot, not too cold. Just like last Sunday, when a friend I met while studying abroad in England came to visit from New York. Together, with Olivia, we comprised the moccasins crew, as pictured above. Those cozy shoes are perfect for chilly weather.

Also today, I was able to snatch a free spot on the cozy couch in Tree City Coffee and Pastry during my lunch break to relax and enjoy their tasty peach jasmine iced tea.

I have this weekend to look forward to, including more time with friends and family, my first 5K and some catch-up time with one of my favorite Medina teachers.

But I also have this evening to enjoy a much-needed dinner at Ray’s with some Kent friends. A cozy meal and a beer is the perfect way to end a great fall day.

What is your favorite part about fall?

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Day one

Today marks the first full day my handmade cards spent in the McKay Bricker Framing shop in downtown Kent.

I stopped in during my lunch break yesterday afternoon with eight card samples in my hands, and within 10 minutes, I had showed off my cards, received approval from the employee at the counter and signed the consignment form. Done and done.

In the meantime, I’m excited to begin selling my cards. From local shops to Etsy, I plan on experimenting with different outlets and locations to see what works best.

My next step: Determine a name for my handmade card collection and begin working on my online Etsy shop.


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My grandpa’s birthday isn’t for another few weeks, but when I visited my aunt’s house on Saturday for the extended family’s annual late September/October birthday get together, I thought I’d bring his card along as well.


When Grandpa opened the card, he noticed the Stonehenge photo on the front and said, “Now I’m not that old,” with a chuckle.

I always love his comments. Not expecting his reaction to my card, I had a good laugh about it with my uncle, who was standing nearby and overheard the conversation.

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated my 23rd last Thursday. Although I don’t like the sound of being 23 years old (it’s an odd, prime number – not a good combo), I must say it was an excellent birthday. And I have specifically my friends and co-workers to thank for making it so special throughout.

It began with a surprise trip to All Fired Up! the evening before, when I painted a giant beer mug:


A lovely dinner at Hudson’s followed. Then, I came home, not expecting the dining room to be decked out with zebra print balloons, a Happy Birthday sign and gifts piled on the table:


A “confettied” desk, Insomnia Cookies, a singing cat card and a delicious lunch at Fresco (on its opening day) made my actual birthday very special, thanks to my mom for the lunch and my friends at the Tree for the remaining surprises:


And finally, a fun night out with friends concluded a great day:


Can you tell I had fun documenting the entire day on my phone??

So, maybe when I turn 88, as my grandpa will on Oct. 19, I will remember all the great memories I shared with my friends on my 23rd birthday and enjoy a good laugh. And although I plan to be a veteran card maker by that point, aware of my hoarding tendencies, I expect to have kept two very special store bought cards from this birthday that nearly had me in tears from drawn-out bursts of laughter:
(from Olivia)

(from my friends at Davey Tree, who have maintained my nickname “Space Camp” since May, when I revealed I have been there before)


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The plan.

I started making handmade cards close to 10 years ago, at the very least.

But now, I want to expand my hobby to become something bigger, more fulfilling. I love customizing my cards for the people I know well and love, to brighten their birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. But why not share my creations with others as well?

I wandered into a local shop in downtown Kent a few weeks ago after hearing the owners might be willing to help me out by selling some of my cards.

I love the atmosphere of small town shops. They’re cozy and unique, and their contents interest me so much, to the point that I could spend hours just browsing around.

After walking around a bit, glancing at gorgeous handmade jewelry – and a few other handmade cards – I approached the front counter and asked the cashier about a consignment opportunity. She simply told me to bring in a few samples of my work, and then we can assess whether my cards are a good fit for their customers from there.

To try something new, but also utilize other media of my work, I decided to print some photos from my dad’s garden at home, my travels overseas and even random photos of my cats to mount on the front of my cards, instead of resorting to the countless other scrapbooking supplies I use so often. (Although I won’t let those all go to waste!) So, 250+ prints later, I have quite the photo collection to get started.

Like the example below, I’m hoping these new cards will entice local visitors to buy them and hopefully become more familiar with my work.


I’m very excited about this opportunity, and as I continue to make progress, I will be sure to document my accomplishments along the way!

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