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New Year, New Projects

January has been so busy that February is approaching much faster than expected.

This new year promises to be a good one. Not only am I focused on planning a few trips with some friends, but also I’m looking forward to new opportunities that face my career and my favorite hobby: card making. Soon, I hope to launch a Facebook page to accompany my brand, as well as begin to follow a more consistent blog posting schedule that will cover topics from handmade card ideas and scrapbooking projects to yoga and healthy dining.

Although my Jo-Ann Fabrics excursion this morning covered a few materials I’ll need for yet another grad’s scrapbook gift, I created a collection of various Valentine’s Day cards this afternoon to sell at McKay Bricker in downtown Kent. (I’m excited to share that I sold five cards last month! Baby steps!)

Check out a few of my favorites below:




Who will be your valentine this year?


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