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15 Days: Handmade Christmas Cards… for $1!

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Check out these handmade Christmas cards I’ve made over the years. These designs and more are on sale – you can purchase them for only $1 each.

Like what you see but interested in more cards of the same design? Contact me for more details.


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22 Days: Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

For procrastinators like me, it’s about that time to start stamping out the Christmas cards. Or, maybe just the ones to deliver via snail mail, at least. Last time I checked belated Christmas cards do not exist.

I’ll be making more than 80 handmade Christmas cards for my friends, family members and co-workers this year. Seems daunting, but with an idea in mind, and a history of Christmas card creations for many years now, I can stamp them out in no time. The challenge? For me, finding that extra bit of time to do it.

If you’re stuck on handmade card ideas, check out the photos below. I’ve posted examples of some cards I sold at the Holiday Home & Gift Expo at the Fairways at Twin Lakes last weekend.

Happy Holiday Scrapping!

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My First Holiday Home & Gift Expo

20131201-153914.jpgI appreciate everyone who has stopped by the Scraps of the Soul table at the Holiday Home & Gift Expo in Kent so far today! A lot of great vendors in a really nice venue at the Fairways here in Twin Lakes. I’m excited to have had the opportunity to be involved with this event. Only a little more than one hour to go!

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Retail Therapy

It’s impossible for me to walk into a craft store without buying anything.

Especially when cute Christmas stamps are 50 percent off.

And also when I’m so much in the mood to make something that I convince myself I need extra ink pads. In different colors.

Hobby Lobby receipt

Craft supplies never fail to call my name upon my arrival to the store.

Now, I’ll admit this particular trip to Hobby Lobby could have been much worse. But to be honest, I already felt overwhelmed by all the Christmas garb surrounding me, not to mention the hoards of crazy crafting ladies zooming in and out of the aisles. They don’t mess around when there is a sale. I just haven’t reached that point–yet.

So, if you’re looking forward to a more relaxing holiday weekend like I am, feel free to browse the “Shop” tab at There you’ll find my handmade card quantities and prices, as well as instructions for ordering custom greetings. Assuming you just want to send a friendly greeting to a friend or family member, you’ll be pleased to have the option of lounging around in your pajamas and browsing handmade cards online, while the “saavy,” sleep-deprived shoppers emerge from their feasts to fight for every last sale item they find.

Shopping set aside, I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving! I wish you happy eats, happy rests–and for the brave, happy shopping.

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Holiday Home and Gift Expo

Holiday Home & Gift Expo flyer

Visit Lindsay and her Scraps of the Soul handmade card collection at the Holiday Home & Gift Expo Dec. 1 at the Fairways at Twin Lakes in Kent, Ohio.

Among all the inflatable holiday characters inhabiting front lawns, Black Friday advertisements and two constant streams of Christmas music on the radio, I’m willing to bet you’re ready for Dec. 25.

As if you haven’t begun making a list and checking it twice, while slurping down sweet, delicious peppermint mochas, don’t waste any time getting yourself into the holiday spirit.

This Sunday marks the first Holiday Home & Gift Expo at the Fairways at Twin Lakes in Kent, Ohio, and you’re invited to stop by to visit me and other vendors as we attempt to entice you with handmade items you can purchase as gifts–or for yourself.

From noon until 5 p.m. you are welcome to stop by at any time to get started on your gift list, window shop or browse the gift baskets available. Hope to see you there!

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Resourcefulness is overrated.

I cranked out a lot of work last weekend to stock up on cards for upcoming birthdays, extra thank you notes, etc. As always, I tailored each design to the recipient I had in mind at the time, but I also dug a little deeper in my “scraps” and found something I could use to create several similar cards:

A printed blank card I had bought in a set years ago.

So, I split the front and back of the card in two to create four pieces I could work with to make four different, but similar, cards:

Below are the finished products:





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For the Love of Simplicity

It was February 2007, my junior year of high school, when I recall an unexpected crafty lecture from my pre-calculus teacher.

Back then, numbers were more my thing, but a late afternoon lesson on formulas and processes I guarantee have escaped my memory ever since often failed to retain my interest and attention.

So, naturally, when my teacher digressed from mathematical equations to explain a simple method for making Valentines, I neglected my doodling and tuned in.

As monotone as his voice could be, his short demonstration intrigued me. How could my pre-calc teacher remotely know anything about handmade cards? By that time I had quite a few Christmas card designs under my belt, as well as countless birthday cards thrown into the mix, so clearly I knew what I was talking about when it came to paper crafting. But to a point, as it turns out, my teacher packed a few tricks of the trade up his sleeve as well.

Folded Heart Valentines

1. Grab a piece of red or pink paper. Fold it in half.

pink paper

2. Use a pair of scissors to cut a half-heart shape into the folded paper, starting and ending your cut along the fold. 

cutting heart shape on pink paper

3. Discard the scraps. Unfold your paper heart, sign your name and voila! Behold your simple Valentine and deliver it to your loved one.

folded heart card: "Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Lindsay"

I remember laughing about that “lesson” at the time, but also feeling relieved to enjoy a break from pre-calc on a random afternoon. Although my teacher’s Valentine idea was rather simple compared to handmade card designs I had created before, I’ve realized that sometimes simplicity is all you need to brighten someone’s day.

As Valentine’s Day approaches toward the end of this week, I look forward to my next visit to McKay Bricker to check whether my Valentine’s Day cards have been a hit with the shoppers of Kent. In the meantime, I’ll shamelessly indulge in The Bachelor‘s dramatic “love stories” this evening with some friends.

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