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A Scrapbooking Marathon

Sometimes a change in scenery is the best inspiration.

My friend Chantel and I spent nearly our entire Saturday scrapbooking at Archiver’s Scrap Mania this weekend. I brought a plastic storage bin, one paper container, and a box of photos that will someday complete the scrapbook I will be giving to my cousin who is graduating from high school this year.

Once I was settled into my workspace across from Chantel in the back of the store, I charged through approximately 10 pages. Considering it’s mid-March and the book should be finished by the beginning of June, I consider 10 pages to be a pretty solid start.

Scroll down to see some examples of the pages I’ve completed so far:
It’s a Boy; page one

Baby photo collage

Happy Days

Thinking spring

I just barely put a dent in photos from Jason’s second year before I left Archiver’s late last night, so here’s to hoping I can complete the book in time!

However, I’m pleased with the amount of work I was able to finish while I was at Archiver’s, not to mention the fact Chantel and I tried some delicious food at Earth Fare, and of course, made a visit to Menchie’s for some tasty froyo during our last break of the night. Good day!


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She’s a (scrappin’) maniac

scrapbook stackFor such a relaxing weekend, I feel accomplished. The books are getting thicker.

I attended yet another Friday afternoon/evening crop at Archiver’s in Fairlawn with Chantel, where the two of us completed quite a few pages for our books. Since I’m determined to finish two impressive scrapbooks by the beginning of June, each detailing bits and pieces of the entirety of two 18-year-olds’ lives, I figured I have no time to waste now. Although I think the Chik-fil-A and Menchie’s breaks increased my productivity as the night wore on.

I was thankful to have a peaceful, quiet weekend at home as well. Accompanied by bags of unnecessary clothing I packed but never wore, as well as my computer and the school books I didn’t open, the necessary scrapping supplies traveled home with me. Everything I needed was there, so I set to work on a few extra pages when I could.

patterned paperI completed several pages for a few family vacations we took years ago. These layouts, which often take more time to organize and reminisce, feature several photos on one page. I had trouble omitting some photos but then realized I could possibly use them when I (possibly) have the opportunity to finally scrapbook my own memories someday.

For now, I look forward to the moment of organizing all of my completed pages into two (very heavy) books. Although I expect to experience some extreme tension and anger when I attempt to shove every last page into the binding and tighten the screws (who knows what I’m talking about?), I anticipate yet another more meaningful feeling of accomplishment when I can finally flip through the pages, knowing they’re complete, and admire my own hard work.flipping through photos

And then I’ll give them away. (Again, who knows what I’m talking about?)

Which leads me to a question for you: Who has scanned scrapbook pages for personal records and/or printouts? Which services do you use and what is the average cost per book? I’m just curious in case I decide I can’t part with these layouts for good!

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“Sounds like a farming thing.”

That’s what my grandma said when I explained to her I was going to a crop on Friday night.

Maybe I should have stuck with Scrap Mania, which is Archiver’s new name for Friday and Saturday night crops this year. Sounds a lot more exciting, right?

And it turned out to be a fun time. As much as I might age myself going to a scrapbooking event for many hours into a late Friday night, these events do help me get some things done and motivate me to do more on my own while I’m home. Plus, it’s fun spending time with my friends, bouncing ideas off each other and of course, taking a break to walk down to Menchie’s, a frozen yogurt shop a few stores down. (The bitter winter weather doesn’t matter since you can bring food to Scrap Mania as well!)

I’m excited I bought two scrapbooks to keep my pages safe until I determine which order they’ll appear in the book. Something about flipping through the pages to see what I’ve accomplished so far motivates me to do more as well.

My motivation has kicked in already, for it’s not even 9:30 a.m. on a Sunday and I’m about to do some cropping – no soil, seeds or sowing involved.

Happy scrapping!

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In scrapbook “H(e)aven”

Today I took a drive down the road to downtown Ravenna, home of Scrap n Stamp Haven, a scrapbook supply shop.Sports Cricut designs Although it’s hard to find at first, tucked in among other small Main Street shops and cafes,  I was glad I finally found it. You can’t hide many scrapbook supplies from me!

I found out about Scrap n Stamp Haven when Allison and I attended the Friday evening crop at Archiver’s about a month ago. She had brought some cute Cricut Disney characters and cut-outs for the layouts she planned to work on and told me she made them at the Ravenna shop. In fact, Allison said one of the employees helped her assemble some of the tiny, delicate pieces on Woody and Jessie’s characters–two very intricate designs. I’m sure the process required some patience, but the end result looked great!

Envelope Cricut designAfter discovering the power of the Cricut today, I realize how versatile the machine can be. I didn’t create anything too extravagant–just a few hearts, envelope shapes (to compliment our letters to Miriam and Jug) and sports cut-outs to use in the anniversary scrapbook. By the time I decided what I wanted to do and then watched as the friendly employee and a customer helped me learn the machine, the process took me about 45 minutes. However, I’m hoping I’ll be a Cricut pro someday–there’s so much you can do with the designs.

Now that I know what to do, in terms of Cricut-ing, and where to find it, Scrap n Stamp Haven will probably see me again soon. They even have workroom space in the back of the store, as well as scrapbooking, Cricut, handmade card classes and more. It’s great knowing there’s a local, reasonably-priced scrapbook supply shop only 15 minutes down the road.

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Friday night crop

I came home from my first Friday night crop at Archiver’s the other day and the first thing my brother says to me was, “Lindsay, how can you be at a scrapbooking thing for four hours? How BORING.”

Obviously he just doesn’t understand.

Not only had I never been to Archiver’s before, but it’s also been a while since I’ve attended a group scrapping event. (R.I.P. Crop-Paper-Scissors Inc., Medina, Ohio.) Needless to say, the experience was refreshing and fun, whether my brother believes it or not.

Both Allison and I got a lot of work done. I scrapped my spring break trip to New York City and the Lady Gaga concert I attended in February. I loved the atmosphere in the store–it motivated me to complete more scrapbooking projects this summer. And being surrounded by thousands of cute scrapbooking supplies, stickers, cardstock and more cropped up my creativity, of course!

Here’s my checklist for the perfect group crop session:

  • Page packets–Gather supplies you’ll need for each layout before you leave the house. Since I have yet to invest in proper containers to store my supplies, it’s easier for me to pack light. I can always purchase extra supplies at the store, which leads me to…
  • Extra dough–Regardless of the $5 voucher you may receive for reserving a seat at a crop such as this Archiver’s event, you will end up spending more on scrapbooking supplies. Again, the vast amount of supplies may spark some creativity but also trigger some spending as well.
  • Food–What’s a night of scrapbooking without some tasty snacks? For the record, hummus and crackers are great choices. (Thanks, Allison!)

Although I had a great time scrapbooking on Friday night, it was strange scrapbooking photos after making so many cards recently. Does anyone else ever feel the same way? If you enjoy both hobbies, how do you balance your time between the two?

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The light at the end of the tunnel

One week of classes, a few projects and two final exams to go.

As the semester winds down, I plan to take advantage of extra free time and prepare for a summer of scrapbooking. I’m excited to rummage through some of the supplies I’ve kept for years but never had time to use. However, my favorite part about scrapbooking is looking through my pictures and choosing which ones to place in my layouts.

Although I have a lot of photos to sort through, I have an idea about which events and categories I’d like to tackle first.

My top three scrapbooking ideas are:

1. Photos from my childhood

Grandpa and me, circa 1993

2. Photos of my brother and me for his high school graduation gift

My brother Matt and me, Christmas 2010

3. Photos from my college years so far

Ashley and me, Lady Gaga concert (February 26, 2011)

And if anyone wants to join me for free Friday and Saturday crops at Archiver’s in Fairlawn, let me know!

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