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22 Days: Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

For procrastinators like me, it’s about that time to start stamping out the Christmas cards. Or, maybe just the ones to deliver via snail mail, at least. Last time I checked belated Christmas cards do not exist.

I’ll be making more than 80 handmade Christmas cards for my friends, family members and co-workers this year. Seems daunting, but with an idea in mind, and a history of Christmas card creations for many years now, I can stamp them out in no time. The challenge? For me, finding that extra bit of time to do it.

If you’re stuck on handmade card ideas, check out the photos below. I’ve posted examples of some cards I sold at the Holiday Home & Gift Expo at the Fairways at Twin Lakes last weekend.

Happy Holiday Scrapping!

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Done and done.


Approximately 80 cards later, my annual holiday crafting project is complete. My handmade cards have been cut, pasted and embellished – a few have arrived in the mailboxes of their recipients already.

Just a few more to sign, seal and deliver, and then I’m ready to enjoy the last few days of the year with my friends and family.


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