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22 Days: Handmade Christmas Card Ideas

For procrastinators like me, it’s about that time to start stamping out the Christmas cards. Or, maybe just the ones to deliver via snail mail, at least. Last time I checked belated Christmas cards do not exist.

I’ll be making more than 80 handmade Christmas cards for my friends, family members and co-workers this year. Seems daunting, but with an idea in mind, and a history of Christmas card creations for many years now, I can stamp them out in no time. The challenge? For me, finding that extra bit of time to do it.

If you’re stuck on handmade card ideas, check out the photos below. I’ve posted examples of some cards I sold at the Holiday Home & Gift Expo at the Fairways at Twin Lakes last weekend.

Happy Holiday Scrapping!

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My First Holiday Home & Gift Expo

20131201-153914.jpgI appreciate everyone who has stopped by the Scraps of the Soul table at the Holiday Home & Gift Expo in Kent so far today! A lot of great vendors in a really nice venue at the Fairways here in Twin Lakes. I’m excited to have had the opportunity to be involved with this event. Only a little more than one hour to go!

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Holiday Home and Gift Expo

Holiday Home & Gift Expo flyer

Visit Lindsay and her Scraps of the Soul handmade card collection at the Holiday Home & Gift Expo Dec. 1 at the Fairways at Twin Lakes in Kent, Ohio.

Among all the inflatable holiday characters inhabiting front lawns, Black Friday advertisements and two constant streams of Christmas music on the radio, I’m willing to bet you’re ready for Dec. 25.

As if you haven’t begun making a list and checking it twice, while slurping down sweet, delicious peppermint mochas, don’t waste any time getting yourself into the holiday spirit.

This Sunday marks the first Holiday Home & Gift Expo at the Fairways at Twin Lakes in Kent, Ohio, and you’re invited to stop by to visit me and other vendors as we attempt to entice you with handmade items you can purchase as gifts–or for yourself.

From noon until 5 p.m. you are welcome to stop by at any time to get started on your gift list, window shop or browse the gift baskets available. Hope to see you there!

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Done and done.


Approximately 80 cards later, my annual holiday crafting project is complete. My handmade cards have been cut, pasted and embellished – a few have arrived in the mailboxes of their recipients already.

Just a few more to sign, seal and deliver, and then I’m ready to enjoy the last few days of the year with my friends and family.


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Christmas cards, repurposed

Here is a glimpse of the Christmas cards I created with extras I had kept from past years.


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November 14, 2012 · 1:06 pm

The Cards of Christmas’ Past

past holiday cardsI knew I kept those extra Christmas cards for a reason.

The other day, I sifted through handmade cards I had created as long as six or seven years ago. It was interesting to see how my designs and materials have changed since then, how my cards have improved and how my creativity had puckered out, in some cases.

Although these cards represent extras I made – or had forgotten to send to certain people – I figured why not reuse them to create something new?

First, I cropped the front of each card to avoid sloppy handwriting or messages I had written inside. Then, I pasted the design onto a new blank card that fits the envelopes I have on stock. cropping a card

I also used extra stamped pieces from one of the designs I created last year to quickly put together a few additional cards.

Christmas stamps

Yesterday I delivered my new Christmas creations to McKay Bricker Framing in downtown Kent to see whether they’d like to sell more of my cards this holiday season. I noticed a few of my other designs I had dropped off last month still sat on the shelves among dozens of other artists’ handmade cards, but the employee I talked to said he’d try to find an extra stand to display my Christmas cards alongside other holiday designs. The handmade card nerd in me is excited to have my own display stand.

Yet, the procrastinator in me has yet to start this year’s Christmas card collection. Surprised?

2008 Christmas card

Perhaps while I’m resting from multiple Turkey Day feasts next weekend I’ll gather the energy to get started. Until then, here’s to hoping more early bird Christmas card shoppers scope out the local scene these next few weeks for their 2012 holiday greetings – or early 2000s designs in disguise.

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So this is Christmas

With more than a week to spare before Dec. 25, I finished all 80 of my Christmas cards that needed to be done. I’ll call that my personal best. It’s amazing what two simple designs, some (legitimate) free time and Henry Ford’s assembly line technique can accomplish.

Merry Christmas!

Tree stamp Christmas card

Tree stamp

Santa stamp Christmas Card

Santa stamp


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