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Retail Therapy

It’s impossible for me to walk into a craft store without buying anything.

Especially when cute Christmas stamps are 50 percent off.

And also when I’m so much in the mood to make something that I convince myself I need extra ink pads. In different colors.

Hobby Lobby receipt

Craft supplies never fail to call my name upon my arrival to the store.

Now, I’ll admit this particular trip to Hobby Lobby could have been much worse. But to be honest, I already felt overwhelmed by all the Christmas garb surrounding me, not to mention the hoards of crazy crafting ladies zooming in and out of the aisles. They don’t mess around when there is a sale. I just haven’t reached that point–yet.

So, if you’re looking forward to a more relaxing holiday weekend like I am, feel free to browse the “Shop” tab at scrapsofthesoul.com. There you’ll find my handmade card quantities and prices, as well as instructions for ordering custom greetings. Assuming you just want to send a friendly greeting to a friend or family member, you’ll be pleased to have the option of lounging around in your pajamas and browsing handmade cards online, while the “saavy,” sleep-deprived shoppers emerge from their feasts to fight for every last sale item they find.

Shopping set aside, I hope everyone has a very happy Thanksgiving! I wish you happy eats, happy rests–and for the brave, happy shopping.


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