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New tastes

20130212-230439.jpgThis evening I tried a new soup recipe: Cooking Light’s roasted corn, pepper, and tomato chowder. Without a grill, corn on the cob and in-season tomatoes, I had to make due with two hot skillets, canned corn and four mediocre tomatoes from the grocery store. Needless to say, my dad wouldn’t approve; those pink-skinned tomatoes would appall him.

However, I tried a tiny taste of the soup with a spoon – just to clarify since hot liquid had already splattered all over me as I wrangled with the blender to purée it all together – and it wasn’t half bad. I look forward to hearing what my fellow yogis think of it tomorrow evening during our post-yoga soup tasting – I wonder if the crumbled blue cheese and chives I’m going to bring will add a lot to the flavor?

I love trying new things, but too often I don’t have the time to make a commitment.

This week, however, I joined a local fitness center – LifeCenter Plus in Hudson. As I toured the facility I became more excited to go there often – to run, my usual routine, but also to try new classes and machines. I love yoga but LifeCenter will provide me with those classes and so much more. And let’s be real, if I want to survive the Color Run in Cleveland this June, I need to get back in shape! Stow’s Great New Year’s Eve Race was most definitely a challenge, regardless of the snow, and to tackle more hills with fewer pants and desperate gasps for air, I’ll need to force myself to accomplish more than the occasional jog.

Let’s see how this goes.

What gets you going? What motivates you to try new things, in cooking, at work, or even while scrapbooking?


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