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My grandpa’s birthday isn’t for another few weeks, but when I visited my aunt’s house on Saturday for the extended family’s annual late September/October birthday get together, I thought I’d bring his card along as well.


When Grandpa opened the card, he noticed the Stonehenge photo on the front and said, “Now I’m not that old,” with a chuckle.

I always love his comments. Not expecting his reaction to my card, I had a good laugh about it with my uncle, who was standing nearby and overheard the conversation.

Speaking of birthdays, I celebrated my 23rd last Thursday. Although I don’t like the sound of being 23 years old (it’s an odd, prime number – not a good combo), I must say it was an excellent birthday. And I have specifically my friends and co-workers to thank for making it so special throughout.

It began with a surprise trip to All Fired Up! the evening before, when I painted a giant beer mug:


A lovely dinner at Hudson’s followed. Then, I came home, not expecting the dining room to be decked out with zebra print balloons, a Happy Birthday sign and gifts piled on the table:


A “confettied” desk, Insomnia Cookies, a singing cat card and a delicious lunch at Fresco (on its opening day) made my actual birthday very special, thanks to my mom for the lunch and my friends at the Tree for the remaining surprises:


And finally, a fun night out with friends concluded a great day:


Can you tell I had fun documenting the entire day on my phone??

So, maybe when I turn 88, as my grandpa will on Oct. 19, I will remember all the great memories I shared with my friends on my 23rd birthday and enjoy a good laugh. And although I plan to be a veteran card maker by that point, aware of my hoarding tendencies, I expect to have kept two very special store bought cards from this birthday that nearly had me in tears from drawn-out bursts of laughter:
(from Olivia)

(from my friends at Davey Tree, who have maintained my nickname “Space Camp” since May, when I revealed I have been there before)



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