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A Pet Peeve

Halloween had yet to pass by when Christmas-themed decorations, lights and clothing hit the shelves and racks at nearly every department store I’m familiar with.

It takes a lot to anger me, but early Christmas decorating, premature holiday radio tunes and most of all, those tacky, inflatable Christmas characters that too often invade the front lawns of residential neighborhoods are really irritating.

Why take the time to blow up that giant Santa Clause and his Rudolph companion when Northeast Ohio’s infamous winter winds and heavy snowfall will ultimately flatten them to the ground anyway?

So although the Dec. 25 festivities strike a nerve when they creep up into other holiday seasons earlier and earlier each year, in my book, there is one Christmas tradition that is excusable come early November: holiday card preparation.

Chantel and I made another trip to the Hollo’s Papercraft store in Medina County this weekend – I’m thinking it will become a yearly tradition for the two of us as I peruse my handmade card business and she her homemade cake business. As you may assume, I was unreasonably excited for our shopping spree from the day we planned it about two weeks ago.

“You would get too excited over something like that,” says my brother. Obviously he just wouldn’t understand.

So I primarily stocked up on paper (you pay by the weight – so much cheaper than other chain craft stores, it’s worth the drive!) for my annual Christmas card collection. I made the count the other day and it looks like I’ll be making approximately 80 cards this year. Yikes. So maybe Christmas doesn’t seem too far away after all…

But this time I also bought some cellophane bags to improve the packaging of the cards I plan to sell on Etsy and in downtown Kent.

20121104-221026.jpgI could have spent hours – and much more money – in Hollo’s, but I limited myself to stick to the basics this time and in the meantime, I’ll plan another trip sometime within the coming months. I’m sure Chantel won’t complain, either! (It turns out Hollo’s cake packaging products are pretty cheap, too!)

Happy scrapping!


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Ready, set, Christmas

There’s something slightly frustrating about hearing Christmas music in Wal-Mart weeks before Thanksgiving, and although (too) early holiday cheer is one of my biggest pet peeves, like I’ve mentioned before, it does have one positive effect on me: the holiday atmosphere motivates me to get started on my Christmas cards.

As always, there are a few things in my way before I can even start thinking about doing that. (Also reasons why I haven’t posted in a few weeks.) I generally run into some intense procrastination each December when I start planning my Christmas cards. This year, I think I’ll end up making more than I’ve ever created in one season, if successful, but first I have a busy few weeks ahead of me! Between Thanksgiving plans with the family, PR Campaigns and other last-minute class assignments, I’ll have little time to eat, sleep and think straight, let alone make my cards.

Until then, I can simply dream about the comfort of cranking up the Christmas tunes, stirring up some hot chocolate and cropping the colorful cardstock I bought at Hollo’s PaperCraft store a few weeks ago. (The bag of supplies I bought there has been teasing me ever since.)

How do you balance your holiday schedules with Christmas card creations?



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