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Friday night crop

I came home from my first Friday night crop at Archiver’s the other day and the first thing my brother says to me was, “Lindsay, how can you be at a scrapbooking thing for four hours? How BORING.”

Obviously he just doesn’t understand.

Not only had I never been to Archiver’s before, but it’s also been a while since I’ve attended a group scrapping event. (R.I.P. Crop-Paper-Scissors Inc., Medina, Ohio.) Needless to say, the experience was refreshing and fun, whether my brother believes it or not.

Both Allison and I got a lot of work done. I scrapped my spring break trip to New York City and the Lady Gaga concert I attended in February. I loved the atmosphere in the store–it motivated me to complete more scrapbooking projects this summer. And being surrounded by thousands of cute scrapbooking supplies, stickers, cardstock and more cropped up my creativity, of course!

Here’s my checklist for the perfect group crop session:

  • Page packets–Gather supplies you’ll need for each layout before you leave the house. Since I have yet to invest in proper containers to store my supplies, it’s easier for me to pack light. I can always purchase extra supplies at the store, which leads me to…
  • Extra dough–Regardless of the $5 voucher you may receive for reserving a seat at a crop such as this Archiver’s event, you will end up spending more on scrapbooking supplies. Again, the vast amount of supplies may spark some creativity but also trigger some spending as well.
  • Food–What’s a night of scrapbooking without some tasty snacks? For the record, hummus and crackers are great choices. (Thanks, Allison!)

Although I had a great time scrapbooking on Friday night, it was strange scrapbooking photos after making so many cards recently. Does anyone else ever feel the same way? If you enjoy both hobbies, how do you balance your time between the two?


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The light at the end of the tunnel

One week of classes, a few projects and two final exams to go.

As the semester winds down, I plan to take advantage of extra free time and prepare for a summer of scrapbooking. I’m excited to rummage through some of the supplies I’ve kept for years but never had time to use. However, my favorite part about scrapbooking is looking through my pictures and choosing which ones to place in my layouts.

Although I have a lot of photos to sort through, I have an idea about which events and categories I’d like to tackle first.

My top three scrapbooking ideas are:

1. Photos from my childhood

Grandpa and me, circa 1993

2. Photos of my brother and me for his high school graduation gift

My brother Matt and me, Christmas 2010

3. Photos from my college years so far

Ashley and me, Lady Gaga concert (February 26, 2011)

And if anyone wants to join me for free Friday and Saturday crops at Archiver’s in Fairlawn, let me know!

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