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Greetings on stock

Here are a few handmade cards I completed a few weeks ago. Looking outside at the falling snow makes me wish it was Mother’s Day already because that would mean it was May!


belated birthday card

A belated birthday card. ("Surprise! Thought I forgot about you?")











18th birthday card

My brother's 18th birthday card (Inside: "Wait until you're 80.")











Mother’s Day

Mother's Day card

If only there were flowers on the ground now, not snow.














graduation card

I'm not the only one graduating this spring.









Thank You

thank you card











Just Because

just because card

I love this stamp!


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Someone to appreciate

My mom, Ann, and I

Mother’s Day is one week from today, and naturally I have yet to complete cards for my mom, step-mom and grandmas. However, the semester is just about over and after I complete my two exams this week, I should have the time to create something special for the special moms I know.

I remember using flower rubber stamps on my Mother’s Day cards last year or the year before. Although I love rubber stamps, I want to try something new this year. I found some simple yet adorable Mother’s Day cards on Delia Randall’s blog.

Does anyone have suggestions for cute Mother’s Day cards?

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