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Instantly in love…


…with Instagram.

That’s how I felt about two weeks ago when I entered the 21st century and began using my very own iPhone. One of the first things I did to make it my own was download several apps – of course Facebook, Twitter and Words With Friends were first on my list. But ever since my friends have begun adding filters to their photos on Instagram and then posting them to Facebook, I’ve been intrigued with the whole concept.

So, needless to say, the Instagram icon soon found its way to the home screen on my iPhone.

Put simply, it’s cool to see photos with different filters – “Rise,” “Sierra,” “Toaster” and “Walden” to name just a few. Instagram isn’t all about capturing photos of professional quality. It’s about the everyday spaces, places and faces we encounter and why they’re picture-worthy; why they’re worth sharing with our online friends and followers.

I’ll admit, I haven’t “Instagramed” many photos yet, but I don’t want to over-share. (In fact, I think two of the three photos I’ve posted on Instagram are pictures of cats. Surprising?) Looking ahead, when my Instagram album begins to fill up, I’ll be more interested in other uses of this app and it’s creations. I could print my photos and make a mini scrapbook. I could make a collage. I could put together some coasters with my favorite photos. I could frame them. And you could, too.

What do you like the most about Instagram? Have you tried to incorporated your filtered photos into other projects? Let me know what you’ve come up with – I’d love to hear about your ideas!


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She’s a (scrappin’) maniac

scrapbook stackFor such a relaxing weekend, I feel accomplished. The books are getting thicker.

I attended yet another Friday afternoon/evening crop at Archiver’s in Fairlawn with Chantel, where the two of us completed quite a few pages for our books. Since I’m determined to finish two impressive scrapbooks by the beginning of June, each detailing bits and pieces of the entirety of two 18-year-olds’ lives, I figured I have no time to waste now. Although I think the Chik-fil-A and Menchie’s breaks increased my productivity as the night wore on.

I was thankful to have a peaceful, quiet weekend at home as well. Accompanied by bags of unnecessary clothing I packed but never wore, as well as my computer and the school books I didn’t open, the necessary scrapping supplies traveled home with me. Everything I needed was there, so I set to work on a few extra pages when I could.

patterned paperI completed several pages for a few family vacations we took years ago. These layouts, which often take more time to organize and reminisce, feature several photos on one page. I had trouble omitting some photos but then realized I could possibly use them when I (possibly) have the opportunity to finally scrapbook my own memories someday.

For now, I look forward to the moment of organizing all of my completed pages into two (very heavy) books. Although I expect to experience some extreme tension and anger when I attempt to shove every last page into the binding and tighten the screws (who knows what I’m talking about?), I anticipate yet another more meaningful feeling of accomplishment when I can finally flip through the pages, knowing they’re complete, and admire my own hard work.flipping through photos

And then I’ll give them away. (Again, who knows what I’m talking about?)

Which leads me to a question for you: Who has scanned scrapbook pages for personal records and/or printouts? Which services do you use and what is the average cost per book? I’m just curious in case I decide I can’t part with these layouts for good!

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Home sweet home

Stones, crazy cat eyes

He's always so playful. These eyes look like he's about to attack!

Between classes, homework and job hunting, I’ve experienced quite a few long days lately. But after I spent almost a full weekend at home, catching up with old friends, watching old live concerts on TV with my dad and, of course, enjoying my “cat fix,” I realized how comforting and refreshing home can be.

While I sat in front of the fireplace in the living room, sorting through old photos for my graduation gift projects, Stones and Delilah were either sleeping or snooping nearby. I had a lot of photos to sort through, which naturally takes a lot of time once I begin reminiscing and getting up to show my dad particularly funny pictures. (My favorite funny photo in this particular batch was my then two-year-old brother looking angry/frustrated that he couldn’t find any Easter eggs during a family egg hunt in our basement. I think this is the same anger he often exudes toward me now.)

So as I spent hours warming up in front of the fire, I spent many hours with the cats, observing their odd behavior.

1. The Hunters: Hiding behind pillows on the floor, pouncing and tackling each other

2. The Attention-Deprived: Delilah (annoyingly) meowing a fraction of a second after I stopped petting her

3. The Crazy: Stones racing up the stairs into the dining room and kitchen area as soon as he heard the kitchen door handle rattle (I occasionally heard him slip and slide on the hardwood floor and slam into the wall.)

While I observed them, I snapped a few photos. Stones is clearly more photogenic, but I love Delilah because she has a pretty color and I must admit her annoying mewing is cute. For the sake of not being labeled as a “Crazy Cat Lady” by certain family members and friends on Facebook, I posted a few of my favorites here:


He's too fat to fit on the piano, but he sits on it anyway.

Stones on cat perch

They ripped a hole on the top, but that doesn't stop Stones from sitting on this either.


She is pretty. And pretty annoying, at times.

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Laughter: It’s the best medicine.

For those who know me, I laugh at most things. Most things that are even remotely funny (go to 2:31 of the video to see an example of something I would do in a serious, a.k.a. not funny, situation). For this reason, I generally get along with most people (especially those up-and-coming comedians needing a simple ego boost), and I’m usually in a good mood.

But when I need a pick-me-up, I turn to America’s Funniest Home Videos because it turns out, watching people wipe out and cats who leap off furniture straight into a wall is actually really funny. I also rely on my roommate to tell me some ridiculous story about how the strong winds blew her straight into some macho guy on campus that afternoon, or something of the like.

However, when it’s not convenient to use the remedies above, I know I can count on some of my photos for a good laugh.

I’m headed to my second Archiver’s crop (Scrap Mania) on Friday, so this week I’ll begin the process of collecting photos, memorabilia, supplies and more to complete a few pages for two graduation gifts I’ll be working on in the coming months. I delved into my external hard drive the other day to find some oldies (but goodies) to print for my pages, and below are a few that crack me up every time.

What kinds of photos do you enjoy scrapbooking the most? Funny? Sentimental? Family portraits? Random, everyday routines? Share your favorite ideas for pages!

Dad putting on his life jacket

Believe it or not, my dad is trying to put on his life jacket before our canoeing trip on the Delaware River. He sucked it in and was successful.

Jersey Shore

Fast forward to our lunch break: Here's my dad, brother Matt and cousin Jason pretending to be "Jersey Shore"'s guidos, on the Jersey shore.

Stones, cat in water bottle packaging

Stones, one of the most recent additions to my immediate family, when he decided to cram himself into a plastic bag full of water bottles.

Matt sleeping

Caught him.

Matt and I pretending to be jungle explorers

Before my step-brother's wedding at the Hideaway Inn, Matt and I had a great time exploring our family's room/suite, which happened to have a safari theme.

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A snapshot of time

Classes began on Monday, or Tuesday for me. And as many of my friends have pointed out, it was our last first day of school.

Summer flew by, but I feel like I accomplished a lot. As I’ve mentioned, I had a great time with my family on vacation, I started exercising regularly (for the most part) and I learned a lot at my internship at Davey Tree. Scroll down to see some of my latest handmade cards, some creations I cranked out before the semester began.

Although it’s hard to fathom I’m a senior in college, life goes on. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy my last two semesters of school. Despite busy schedules, classes and work, fall is my favorite time of the year. I plan to enjoy every last bit of it, from the Metro Parks, Serving Summit County Fall Hiking Spree and football games, to Kent’s Art in the Park and all the fall foods I love.

And I’ll be snapping photos every last bit of the way.

I encourage all college seniors to do the same. This could potentially be the most exciting time of your life–so why not document and remember these experiences for many years to come? Be the grandma among your friends–gather everyone together and snap away!

Take a look at some of the cards I’ve created more recently. Which

Happy birthday card

Happy Birthday

designs do you like the best?

"Hello" card

Just because card

Happy Birthday card

Happy Birthday

Celebration card


Celebration card


"Hello" card

Just because card

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Something to laugh about

Grandma and Grandpa, June 2011

Grandma "yelling" at Grandpa, trying to convince him to smile for the photo. He wasn't buying it.

Scrapbooking aside, it’s been entertaining to collect and sift through letters, photos and more for my grandparents’ scrapbook.

Sometimes I forget what I should be doing as I sit and look through several envelopes of photos from my relatives. Scrapbooking often becomes second priority as I reminisce about memories with my family. And I’m usually laughing as I take a trip down memory lane.

Whether it’s the outfits, the haircuts or the facial expressions (specifically my grandpa’s: see photo), I get distracted by the hilarity of the photos. I can’t help but laugh and take yet even more time to decide which photos to use.

The extra time is worth it, though, and the humor often motivates me to scrapbook more pages at once.

What are your favorite photos to look through as you scrapbook? Family? Friends? Holidays? Random photos? If you have an example of a funny photo of a family member, please share!

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The light at the end of the tunnel

One week of classes, a few projects and two final exams to go.

As the semester winds down, I plan to take advantage of extra free time and prepare for a summer of scrapbooking. I’m excited to rummage through some of the supplies I’ve kept for years but never had time to use. However, my favorite part about scrapbooking is looking through my pictures and choosing which ones to place in my layouts.

Although I have a lot of photos to sort through, I have an idea about which events and categories I’d like to tackle first.

My top three scrapbooking ideas are:

1. Photos from my childhood

Grandpa and me, circa 1993

2. Photos of my brother and me for his high school graduation gift

My brother Matt and me, Christmas 2010

3. Photos from my college years so far

Ashley and me, Lady Gaga concert (February 26, 2011)

And if anyone wants to join me for free Friday and Saturday crops at Archiver’s in Fairlawn, let me know!

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