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Monday motivation

20121022-124036.jpg I could see the checkered flag waving in the short distance, the finish line just a few paces beyond it.

My stomach had began cramping just a few moments ago, as I entered the final leg of the race. By that point I had established a very slow, yet steady pace – an old lady shuffle, if you will – but I had not stopped running at any point along those 3.2 miles behind me. That was my one goal.

So although I felt like I could pass out, throw up and/or collapse all at once, I kept chugging along until the end. I thought to myself, “Why stop now?” as I remembered past moments of more extreme pain while I trained myself to run longer and longer distances. Modern English’s “I Melt With You” serenaded me as I crossed the finish line to greet my mom waiting on the other side.

All that time I spent searching through my iTunes to perfect my running playlist have apparently paid off.

That mindset was the motivation I had been building up all these months. And it’s a similar feeling of motivation when I work on my cards, scrapbooks and other creations for fun, for gifts or for profit. Just keep going, enjoy it, and you’ll benefit in the end.

So, here’s to a week of productivity.

What motivates you to start working on any given project? And what keeps you going?

PHOTO: My expression of relief as I crossed the finish line at the end of my first 5K race in Akron, Ohio, on Saturday, Oct. 20. (2nd annual Race Around the Park, to benefit the Knights of Columbus; Schneider Park, Akron)


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