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A Scrapbooking Marathon

Sometimes a change in scenery is the best inspiration.

My friend Chantel and I spent nearly our entire Saturday scrapbooking at Archiver’s Scrap Mania this weekend. I brought a plastic storage bin, one paper container, and a box of photos that will someday complete the scrapbook I will be giving to my cousin who is graduating from high school this year.

Once I was settled into my workspace across from Chantel in the back of the store, I charged through approximately 10 pages. Considering it’s mid-March and the book should be finished by the beginning of June, I consider 10 pages to be a pretty solid start.

Scroll down to see some examples of the pages I’ve completed so far:
It’s a Boy; page one

Baby photo collage

Happy Days

Thinking spring

I just barely put a dent in photos from Jason’s second year before I left Archiver’s late last night, so here’s to hoping I can complete the book in time!

However, I’m pleased with the amount of work I was able to finish while I was at Archiver’s, not to mention the fact Chantel and I tried some delicious food at Earth Fare, and of course, made a visit to Menchie’s for some tasty froyo during our last break of the night. Good day!


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Confession: It’s hard for me to leave photos behind.

Especially the cute ones, even if several photos I’m including show the same expression or smile.

And I admit I’ll cram the blurry cute ones into a layout, even if it requires a bit of last-minute re-arranging.

Who can relate to this?

Since I have a feeling many fellow scrappers have experienced the same dilemma above – several times – I’ve captured a few examples of layouts I created last year for my brother Matt’s graduation gift. WARNING: Because quite a bit of cuteness appears on each page below, your eyes may need a slight adjustment before moving forward. (Please note it’s not too often I will refer to my brother as “cute.”)

I’m a fan of squares. Photo squares.

Make a full-page collage. This takes a little extra time to plan because not all photos will be cropped to the same measurements, but a full-photo layout is a great technique to use to place more focus on the photos you’re using and to create a break in your book from patterned paper, embellishments, etc.

Make a letter out of photos.

Make numbers out of photos. (“’01”)

And when you have A TON of great photos to use, create a spread. It’s just too hard to pass up so many cute and hilarious vacation photos!

Hope you’ve found these ideas useful! If you’re looking for more ideas let me know!

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New tastes

20130212-230439.jpgThis evening I tried a new soup recipe: Cooking Light’s roasted corn, pepper, and tomato chowder. Without a grill, corn on the cob and in-season tomatoes, I had to make due with two hot skillets, canned corn and four mediocre tomatoes from the grocery store. Needless to say, my dad wouldn’t approve; those pink-skinned tomatoes would appall him.

However, I tried a tiny taste of the soup with a spoon – just to clarify since hot liquid had already splattered all over me as I wrangled with the blender to purée it all together – and it wasn’t half bad. I look forward to hearing what my fellow yogis think of it tomorrow evening during our post-yoga soup tasting – I wonder if the crumbled blue cheese and chives I’m going to bring will add a lot to the flavor?

I love trying new things, but too often I don’t have the time to make a commitment.

This week, however, I joined a local fitness center – LifeCenter Plus in Hudson. As I toured the facility I became more excited to go there often – to run, my usual routine, but also to try new classes and machines. I love yoga but LifeCenter will provide me with those classes and so much more. And let’s be real, if I want to survive the Color Run in Cleveland this June, I need to get back in shape! Stow’s Great New Year’s Eve Race was most definitely a challenge, regardless of the snow, and to tackle more hills with fewer pants and desperate gasps for air, I’ll need to force myself to accomplish more than the occasional jog.

Let’s see how this goes.

What gets you going? What motivates you to try new things, in cooking, at work, or even while scrapbooking?

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New Year, New Projects

January has been so busy that February is approaching much faster than expected.

This new year promises to be a good one. Not only am I focused on planning a few trips with some friends, but also I’m looking forward to new opportunities that face my career and my favorite hobby: card making. Soon, I hope to launch a Facebook page to accompany my brand, as well as begin to follow a more consistent blog posting schedule that will cover topics from handmade card ideas and scrapbooking projects to yoga and healthy dining.

Although my Jo-Ann Fabrics excursion this morning covered a few materials I’ll need for yet another grad’s scrapbook gift, I created a collection of various Valentine’s Day cards this afternoon to sell at McKay Bricker in downtown Kent. (I’m excited to share that I sold five cards last month! Baby steps!)

Check out a few of my favorites below:




Who will be your valentine this year?

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The plan.

I started making handmade cards close to 10 years ago, at the very least.

But now, I want to expand my hobby to become something bigger, more fulfilling. I love customizing my cards for the people I know well and love, to brighten their birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. But why not share my creations with others as well?

I wandered into a local shop in downtown Kent a few weeks ago after hearing the owners might be willing to help me out by selling some of my cards.

I love the atmosphere of small town shops. They’re cozy and unique, and their contents interest me so much, to the point that I could spend hours just browsing around.

After walking around a bit, glancing at gorgeous handmade jewelry – and a few other handmade cards – I approached the front counter and asked the cashier about a consignment opportunity. She simply told me to bring in a few samples of my work, and then we can assess whether my cards are a good fit for their customers from there.

To try something new, but also utilize other media of my work, I decided to print some photos from my dad’s garden at home, my travels overseas and even random photos of my cats to mount on the front of my cards, instead of resorting to the countless other scrapbooking supplies I use so often. (Although I won’t let those all go to waste!) So, 250+ prints later, I have quite the photo collection to get started.

Like the example below, I’m hoping these new cards will entice local visitors to buy them and hopefully become more familiar with my work.


I’m very excited about this opportunity, and as I continue to make progress, I will be sure to document my accomplishments along the way!

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20120826-170654.jpg A lot can change within a matter of a few months.

A new apartment, a new room. New office space at work. Different schedules, different routines. A change of pace.

I’ll admit it takes me a bit to adjust to changes in life, whether they’re everyday or long-term. But I enjoyed the changes my life experienced this summer – it’s just too bad it went by very fast.

I’ve been settled into my new place for a few weeks now and I’ve been attempting to try new things to change things up a bit. (Change can be fun, too!) I have found new ways to organize my obscene number of possessions and “stuff.” I bought a filing cabinet to store files instead of using random plastic folders. I bought a shoe rack. I bought new sheets. I shop at a different grocery store. And with that, I’ve tried new recipes.

Of course, I must not forget to mention my appreciation for Pinterest, because many of the above ideas and countless others I may have or have yet to attempt can be found among my pin boards there.


In terms of the new foods I’ve dabbled into, I’ve realized two things: 1. Grocery shopping can be fun if you have fun recipes to try; and 2. Grocery shopping can be expensive if you have fun recipes to try. However, cooking is something I’ve always wanted to have more time to do, and now that I have that extra time (and a full-time job) I figure why not experiment a bit? It feels good to be healthy but also satisfied with tasty meals.

Yep, more pinning will occur in my future.

Now I’m just eager for fall to greet us with cooler temperatures, crisp apples (and apple-related recipes), plump pumpkins, weddings, birthdays, gorgeous trails for hiking – and fun.

As I continue to adjust to this new routine, I will try my best to make time for more blogging as well
because that is something I enjoy as well! I want to write more content, including updates on my scrapbooking projects and other “pinteresting” ideas I run into. Tomorrow’s crockpot fajitas are already calling my name…

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Wish List Item #97

Tim Holtz products.

Archiver’s is introducing new products from Tim Holtz, and from what I see as examples on the website and enewsletter, it’s tempting to make a special trip to Fairlawn, just to purchase these pens, stains and more.

Tim Holtz products Techniques Clinic

Unfortunately I can’t make it to the Techniques Clinic today, but I’m willing to bet the Distress Markers will be my new favorite scrapbooking tool once I finally get around to buying them. I’d love to use them with stamps for my cards – the vintage look of the markers is unique and versatile. I can think of many ways to use them already.

Has anyone tried the Distress Markers yet? I’m excited to try them sometime soon!

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