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May 5, Kent State Commencement & Cinco de Mayo

They say college goes by fast.

And they weren’t kidding.

In a few short days, I’ll walk across the stage during Saturday morning’s commencement ceremony to mark the end of my unforgettable four-year experience at Kent State.

I’ll then join my family and friends for lunch and a cookout to celebrate our accomplishments – and a special holiday that happens to fall on the same day, Cinco de Mayo.

I’ll then make an appearance downtown at some point that evening. Weather permitting, maybe my fellow classmates and I will catch a glimpse of the supermoon, set to make its debut at 11:35 p.m.

So after spending a great deal of time on two high school graduation gifts this semester (with many more hours to come), I have nearly missed the opportunity to completely reflect on the fact that I’m graduating, too. (Not that I do not enjoy scrapbooking photos and memories for others!) I particularly think about my freshman and sophomore years, living in the dorms, spending meal plan money in the market on (un)healthy snacks and the occasional substantial meal. Then I reminisce about the four months I spent in England and other neighboring countries abroad as a University of Leicester student. Was that really two years ago?

Then I remember the beginning of my first internship and how little PR experience I had at that point. It’s amazing to think about all the writing and work samples I have completed within two internships since then and how that’s helped me land an entry-level position to begin later this month.

It seems like just yesterday when I anticipated moving into our apartment, decorating my new room with numerous photos of family and friends and then beginning the second half of my college career.

PRKent PRSSA senior officers

PRSSA's 2011-2012 graduating senior officers

Reflecting on all the great experiences I’ve had with my three roommates, my PRKent classmates, the Kent friends I made during our semester abroad and many others, I realize I’m blessed to be surrounded by so many great people. They make me laugh, they make great travel companions, they share useful knowledge and experiences when I need advice and they’re all special to me for those reasons and more.

I’m so grateful to be where I am right now, and I have my Kent State experiences and opportunities to thank.

My parents, grandparents, professors, friends and relatives told me to enjoy these special four years of my life. And I’m confident to say that I couldn’t have asked for any better memories than what I now have to embrace for many years.

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Nostalgia: “a sentimental yearning”

Fall makes me feel nostalgic. Like I’ve said, it’s my favorite time of the year; I love the weather, the colors of the trees and I can look forward to my birthday and many other great events during the coming months. Fall reminds me of these great memories from years before, much like the pages of my scrapbooks.

nostalgia [no-stal-juh, -jee-uh, nuh-], noun:

1. a wistful desire to return in though or in fact to a formertime in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s familys and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time: a nostalgia for his college days.

2. something that elicits or displays nostalgia.                 


After my first full week of classes, I realize I’ll be busy this semester, but I’ll try my best to fit in some scrapbooking during any spare time I have. Here are some pages I’ve worked on so far this summer:

Summertime scrapbook page“Summertime” | This page will appear in a high school graduation gift for my brother, Matt. The pictures were taken when I was about six years old; we’re playing in the turtle sand box in the backyard. (Remember those?) These outdoor photos remind me of the sunflowers my dad used to plant in his garden, which I tried to portray on the page as well.

“Monster Ball” | I’ll use this page in the college years scrapbook I will eventually complete. I tried my best to depict the outrageous nature of Lady Gaga–her costumes, her character, her fans. What do you think?Lady Gaga concert scrapbook page

“New York City” | This is the second page of a two-page layout from my spring break trip to NYC in March. Of course, I had (too) many photos to work with, so I tried a collage approach. Collage layouts take longer to complete because they require more planning and measuring. However, sometime’s it’s just too difficult to leave certain photos out. Doesn’t that Crumbs cupcake look delicious?

NYC scrapbook page

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