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Patterns, stamped.

completed thank you cardI didn’t waste much time between finishing classes, finals, graduating and starting a full-time job to start scrapbooking and making cards.

Lately I’ve made many cards with layered stamp patterns. It’s quick and easy to do, so it’s a convenient method for occasions that need multiple copies of cards, such as thank you notes for my recent graduation.

While it’s fun to mix and match patterned papers in scrapbook layouts and handmade cards, you can use stamps to imitate those looks in a new, yet vintage-looking, way.

Below I featured a how-to slideshow for some thank you cards I made last week. It demonstrates the stamped pattern effect I used. Enjoy!

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Jack o' Lantern

Happy Halloween!

It’s Halloweekend, and although celebrating holidays early is one of my biggest pet peeves, I’m thinking ahead to Christmas time.

I made another trip to Ravenna’s Scrap n Stamp Haven on Friday to use a gift card I received for my birthday. Although I passed by countless adorable embellishments, I impressed myself and resisted the urge to spend even more money on more random supplies I don’t necessarily need. So instead, I invested in some stamps for my Christmas cards.

After reading a few posts from other card makers in a scrapbooking LinkedIn group, I’ve decided to keep it simple this year. Some women make more than 100 Christmas cards each year–and I thought 50 or 60 was a lot! But those women generally use one design. I’m used to somewhat customizing my cards to the people who will be receiving them, but that is a lot of work. And the semester isn’t getting any easier!

So I plan to decide on one, maybe two, Christmas card designs and create an assembly line to put together each portion of the card. I’ll incorporate the stamps and green ink I bought in Ravenna the other day, but I’ll have to decide on papers, embellishments and layout some other day.

I’m excited to begin my cards, one of these days! It’s a little early, but I look forward to the Christmas season. Have you started your Christmas cards yet?

In the mean time, have a Happy Halloween!

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